Visit Swany Gloves during Denver Snow Show

It’s time for Snow Show in Denver. While the event attended by up to 20,000 officially opens Thursday, the Mile High City’s already a hive of activity, focused around the Colorado Convention Center. As always, Swany Gloves will be in the mix with a number of great products, including Eco-Circle, the first-ever completely recyclable gloves. That’s just one reason we’d like to invite you by our booth (#1777).

We’ll be available throughout the show at our booth, but you can also set up a time to talk with Bill Dzierson, Swany’s Senior Vice President, by calling him at 518-330-4949. Can’t reach Bill? Call Joe Rassenfoss of R&R Media at 303-803-8008. Want to have more fun during the show? Check out our Denver Guide to restaurants, bars and more.

Some of the products Swany will be showing off:

  • Eco-Circle Gloves are the first cradle-to-grave recyclable gloves. Every part of the glove can be used to make the next pair, which helps eliminate waste. And because it uses recyclable material, making the NEXT Eco-Circle glove requires less energy consumption.
  • Techno and I_Finger: Casual gloves with a touch-screen finger that let you operate an iPod or iPhone without removing your gloves.
  • Packybak: Light-weight gloves that can be conveniently packed into an attached bag and clipped to a belt so they don’t get lost.
  • Eversoft: They keep your hands warm AND moisturized with a liner that can be recharged with moisturizer as needed.

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