It’s all about Shaun White and halfpipes

Is there anyone else competing in the Olympics besides Shaun White? Sometimes it’s hard to tell, given all the press he’s gotten. The latest big push, on the same weekend he won gold (again) at Winter X, came on 60 Minutes. Check out the story, which looks at his decidedly low-budget upbringing and includes some video of him in the special halfpipe built for him by Red Bull on Silverton Mountain.

It’s not just White getting attention, snowboarding as a sport is getting a big push as well. Not all the news is good: this story points out the many dangers of halfpipe competition in light of several recent injuries. The beauty of a halfpipe is that it doesn’t need a huge mountain, just a decent  incline. Which explains the curious success of a halfpipe built in an unlikely location, northern Michigan, that’s become a magnet for the best riders in the sport. Find out why the best in the world are riding in Gaylord.

There’s another place to ride that’s a lot closer: Heavenly ski area. Check out this video about work on the Upper California Large Terrain Park, Heavenly’s most advanced terrain park with the biggest features on the mountain.

Watch a video about Swany’s hot new iPhone friendly gloves.


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