Olympics update: Jacobellis flops, U.S. hockey rolls, Vonn ready

Favorite Lindsey Jacobellis was up to her old Olympic tricks on Tuesday, losing control and missing a gate (see animation at right) during her semifinal, once again failing to win what seemed like a sure Olympic medal in snowboard cross. At least it was accidental this time. Read more.

Have you seen Olympic Pulse? It’s a cool graphic that NBC has created that shows you dynamically what’s being tweeted about on Twitter at any time. Check it out, way cool. Interestingly, the Jacobellis snowboard pratfall is well behind curling.

What else happened on Tuesday? Glad you asked:

  • The American women’s hockey team thrashed Russia13-0.
  • That sort of result won’t happen on the men’s side, but the U.S. did beat Switzerland.
  • Lindsey Vonn rested on Tuesday but is ready to ski in the downhill on Wednesday.
  • Despite the fact that the South Korean skaters knocked each other out of Saturday’s 1,500-meter short track race, they are saying that silver medalist Apolo Ohno is the villain. Here’s why.
  • The medal count standings have the Germans at the top with 9 in all, followed by the U.S. (8) and France (7).
  • Find more news here about the Olympics.

Check out these Monday happenings:

Remember: use Swany’s Olympic Guide if you want to keep up with the Olympics on TV, the web or in real-time,


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