Video contest winner takes us into the Utah backcountry for a wild ride

Josh Christensen, our latest winner in the Swany Outdoor Adventure Video Contest, delivers plenty of special effects in his entry. First, there are the “real” kind delivered by POV skiing through the Utah backcountry, including plenty of jumps off cliffs and powder. Then there’s the digital kind, with slow-motion shots and split-screen views of multiple action. It’s good fun!

In his own words: “I grew up in Salt Lake City.  My dad took me skiing for the first time when I was 5.  After a day and a half of lessons he let me start skiing with him.  By the time was 10 years old I was already skiing the cirque at Snowbird.  I dabbled in the park scene through high school, and still like hitting jumps and rails whenever the snow sucks, but you can’t beat a powder day or a nice long day in the back country.  Cliffs are more fun than jumps, powder is better than rails.  Enough said!”

For his video, Josh gets a pair of great Swany Gloves. Have a video that you’d like to enter? Just upload it to YouTube, Vimeo and the like, then send us the URL at That’s all there is to it! Complete rules here.

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