Latest video contest winner delivers great freestyle with Bobby Brown and Grant Savidge

Tyler Adams, the latest winner in the Swany Outdoor Adventure Video Contest, delivers plenty of incredible freestyle skiing in his entry and also some major star power: slopestyle superstar Bobby Brown and his good friend and fellow freestyler maniac Grant Savidge. But let Tyler explain.

In his own words: “I’m from Denver, now living in Boulder and going to the University of Colorado. I started skiing at age 6 but switched to snowboarding at 9. Being a weekend warrior growing up, I would get 20 to 30 days in. For my 14th birthday I got a camera and have just been shooting videos of skiing and snowboarding ever since. With some down time at the beginning of the season, my friends Bobby Brown and Grant Savidge asked me to come out and shoot an early season park edit. Breck let us get up early on their jumps and with a sunny day, empty park, and shooting with two of my best friends, it was one of my favorite shoots this season.”

We’d have to agree, it’s an awesome video. If you like to see more of Tyler’s work, visit

For his video, Tyler gets a pair of great Swany Gloves. Have a video that you’d like to enter? Just upload it to YouTube, Vimeo and the like, then send us the URL at That’s all there is to it! Complete rules here.

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