Ski Movie Cliche Bingo is a BLAST from Skiing Interactive

We LOVE the great interactive ideas they come up with at Skiing Interactive, but the latest one is an all-time favorite:  Ski Movie Cliche Bingo. And it’s right on time for ski movie season.

The concept’s simple, the execution’s hilarious. Just make yourself a copy of their Bingo card (get a better copy here), wait for the things described on the card to happen (and they will), cover up the squares and work toward BINGO!

So what are you looking for as you watch? Stuff you’ve seen many times before, such as “Clouds over mountain timelapse,” “Reflection in Goggle Lense,” “Outtakes during credits” and (our favorite) “Gratuitous party footage.” It’s funny just READING the card, so we know it will be a blast watching a film and covering squares.

And we love this final advice from the game’s makers: “We’re not saying it’s s drinking game, but we’re not NOT saying it’s a drinking game, either.”

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