Trailer for ‘The Convoy’ delivers serious snowboarding thrills

This! Looks! Insane!

Seriously, we just ran across a trailer for this snowboard film on Twitter (Thanks @snowstoked) and loved it. Watch the trailer here and then buy the film here for just $10.

The trailer, which delivers some entertaining riding off rails and walls, is described this way by its creators at Bald E-Gal Productions: “The Convo’ is Bald E-Gal’s 2011 release featuring the Midwest’s top up-coming riders and pro-bros.  No training in foam pits, no $100 dollar lift tickets, just progressive snowboarding on handmade jibs and jumps in non-destination snowboard location across the USA. Featuring: Krister Ralles, Shane Ruprecht, Brandon Larson,  Ryan Paul,  Cody Beiersdorf, Erik Zimmerman, Tommy Young, Chaz Chaffee, Tony Young, Nate Lavik, Randy Vannurden, Dan Brisse, Viktor Simco, Dan Liedahl, & pals.”

Check it out.

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