Send us your photos from the World Cup races at Birds of Prey, Lake Louise and win Swany Gloves

Bode Miller blasting down the slope, courtesy of Tyler Wells.

It’s not a “first” that the men are skiing the Birds of Prey course this weekend in World Cup competition at Beaver Creek. It IS a first that next Tuesday through Thursday the men AND women will be skiing added races at the Colorado resort because of a lack of snow in France.

So this is a rare chance to see the world’s greatest skiers in the U.S. over an extended period of time. But not all of us can go, so we’re asking EVERYBODY up there to help the rest of us, who can’t make it, experience the event.

How? Send us your photos. We’ll post them here on the blog, as a slideshow on Facebook and re-tweet them to our many Twitter followers, crediting YOU for the great photo. They can be action photos, shots of the skiers at the finish line and we’d also love to see photos of them out and about up in Vail and Beaver Creek. By the way, we’d also like to see photos from Lake Louise this weekend as well.

Once we get photos from 10 different people this will become a contest, with the winner getting a pair of our great Swany Gloves. The winner will be the photo that best captures the excitement of the event (and yes, excitement could be a closeup of someone like Lindsey Vonn, Bode Miller, Didier Cuche, etc).

Tweet ’em to us @SwanyGloves, post them on our Facebook fan page (“Like” us while you’re at it)  or e-mail them to us at

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