What’s with Lindsey Vonn and Tim Tebow and ‘Tebowing?’ The answer

UPDATE (12/13): So what’s the deal with Lindsey Vonn and Tim Tebow? As Vonn explains in her World Cup Diary in the Denver Post, it’s a “family” thing that brought Robby Tebow to her World Cup victory last week at Beaver Creek and brough Vonn to the Broncos’ thrilling overtime win on Sunday against the Bears. Read more.

Wow, talk about a mix of sports cultures!

American skiing superstar Lindsey Vonn “Tebowed” in front of the podium on Tuesday after her victory in a Super G on the Birds of Prey course at Beaver Creek.

The “Tebowing” move was popularized by Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and blown into a social media firestorm by Tebowing.com. And it’s no accident that Vonn pulled the move — Tebow’s brother Robby has become a friend and was in attendance.

Is there a romantic connection between the two in the wake of Vonn’s recent divorce? You’ll have to read the Denver Post story to find out.

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