Holiday gift ideas that will warm their hearts (and their hands)

We know the feeling. There’s someone on your list that needs one more present and you can’t think of anything to get them. We can help. After all, everyone can use a good pair of gloves or mitts.

But that begs the question: Which style will make the best gift? The answer depends on who will receive the glove. Some suggestions:

  • X-Change Glove: Is there an active outdoor adventurer on your list who demands high quality, durability and warmth? This is the glove.
  • Arctic Mitt: This is for the hard-charging lady on your list who wants a warm, high performance glove that’s made for a woman.
  • I-Finger: You know the type: can’t leave that smart phone behind. The I-Finger lets them “touch” without removing their gloves.
  • PackyBak: Have a friend who can’t keep track of their gloves? Give them this “go anywhere glove” packed in a travel pouch that’s part of the glove (nothing to lose).

You can order the gloves from the Swany website, but you can also find our great Swany gloves and mitts at sporting goods stores everywhere.

So get  shopping and Happy Holidays!

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