Paris Hilton hits the slopes in style with Swany’s Rising Star gloves

Those are Swany's Rising Star gloves in Paris Hilton's right hand.

We have always had style at Swany Gloves, so we’re never surprised when we discover stylish people wearing our gloves.

Check out this shot of Paris Hilton getting ready to hit the slopes in Aspen, wearing a stylish white ensemble (look at that fur hat!). Now pay attention to the white gloves in her right hand: they are a pair of our Rising Star gloves.

While we’re guessing Paris chose Swany mainly for our high quality construction and superior warmth, we’re also aware that it might have been for the clean white color and the “star” design, which matches well with her “starred” ski pants. So if you’re looking for superior warmth AND style, accessorize like Paris and wear the Rising Star.

See more photos of Paris and her family, as well as other celebs in Aspen, by reading this story in the Mail Online.

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