It’s gotta be the … underwear? World Cup officials taking a peek at skiers’ base layers

Photo from Tina Maze’s fan page.

UPDATE: See what Tina Maze has been accomplishing (including making some personal history) during the 2012-13 season. Read more.

Talk about getting to the bottom of things.

Controversy has been bubbling on the World Cup ski circuit over Tina Maze’s underwear. Actually, it’s not THAT kind of underwear, but rather the base layer the Slovenian slalom star has worn in recent races.

The issue has gone so far that it’s generated a complaint from the Swiss ski federation because it suggests the base layer makes her less wind resistant than her competitors, an edge that might well matter in races determined by hundredths of seconds.

For her part, last weekend Maze stripped down (some, not all) after a recent race to reval a jogging bra with the message “Not Your Business” written on it. Read what the Washington Post has written about the controversy, then listen to additional reporting from NPR.

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