Latest winner in Video Contest rides the rails with style at Mount Snow in Vermont

Congratulations to A. J. Scolaro,  the season’s third winner in the Swany Outdoor Adventures Video Contest. A.J. and his pals do some fine rail skiing as well as some jumps, including a Cork 5 Attempt. Did they make it? Let’s just say Simon Dumont isn’t looking over his shoulder yet.

For his winning entry, A.J will get a pair of great Swany Gloves.

In his own words: “I’m from Connecticut and I’ve been skiing at Mount Snow, Vt., since I was 2. I started freestyle skiing when I was 10.  My video is of me and some friends skiing mostly rails at Mt. Snow over break when we weren’t skiing with the Mt. Snow ski team. I used a GoPro 1080 to make both of my videos.”

  • The season’s first winner, Cameron Little, captured a powder day at Apex Mountain Resort. Watch.
  • Our second winner, Dan Malone, tore it up at Vail. Watch.

Have a video that you’d like to enter? Just upload it to the likes of YouTube or Vimeo, then send us the URL at That’s all there is to it! Complete rules here.

Take a look at last season’s winners in the  Swany Outdoor Adventure Video Contest, ranging from the aerial acrobatics of Bobby Brown to daring mountain rescues.

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