Death of Canadian Zoricic in ski cross race has ski community grasping for ‘lessons’

Nick Zoricic

The sad news out of Switzerland on Saturday — the death of ski cross competitor Nik Zoricic — has numbed an already saddened Canadian ski team and left the ski community wondering what, if anything, can be done to prevent this from happening again.

On Sunday, his fellow racers held an emotional memorial for Zoricic on the same course where he died. The fatal crash happened on the final jump of a World Cup ski cross race in Grindewald on Saturday when Zoricic lost control and crashed into protective netting. “Nik Zoricic fell heavily just before the finish in the round of eight, crashing directly into the safety netting and thereafter lying motionless,” a spokesman for the FIS said late Saturday.

The news, difficult under any circumstances, was especially difficult for a Canadian Ski Team that had already seen the death of freeskier Sarah Burke in January after a training accident.

The family of Zoricic, in a statement released on Sunday, said “Nik loved what he did. Ski racing was his life and he enjoyed every moment of it.” Even so, a CTV story talked with a variety of insiders who said they hoped there were “lessons” to be learned from this tragedy that would keep it from happening again. Read more.

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