New Teton Gravity Research film features Swany athlete Maxim Arsenault tearing up Alaska

Maxim Arsenault

Swany America loves to sponsor athletes because of the excitement they create. You just never know what they might do next.

Case in point: backcountry skier extraordinaire Maxim Arsenault just sent word that he’s about to debut in his first Teton Gravity Research film, The Dream Factory, which explores the amazing skiing in Alaska.

An (obviously) excited Max wrote: “I can’ t believe it myself! They are the biggest in the industry. The trailer (see it here) just came out and you can see a shot of me skiing off a big cliff at 1:55. I wear a red jacket and some yellow pants. Enjoy.”

He’s not the only Swany athlete showinng how it’s done: the great Dave Treadway also is featured in the film.

You can buy the DVD or, if you would prefer to see it in a theater and go wild with others, screenings begin on Sept. 9 and will reach cities such as North Lake Tahoe, Steamboat Springs, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, San Francisco, Anchorage,  Boston, New York City and MANY more locations.  Here’s the schedule.

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