FIS denies Lindsey Vonn request to race a World Cup men’s downhill in Lake Louise

Maria Hoefl Riesch isn’t so sure Lindsey Vonn’s bid to race with the men is a good idea.

UPDATE: The FIS has ruled that Lindsey Vonn can not compete in the men’s World Cup downhill in Lake Louise. See why.

Will Lindsey Vonn get to race in a men’s World Cup downhill at Lake Louise? The answer figures to come this weekend when the International Ski Federation (FIS) is scheduled to discuss Vonn’s request when it meets Saturday and Sunday in Switzerland.

U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association spokesman Doug Haney told the Associated Press “the American federation was formally backing Vonn’s plan by submitting the request to FIS.” (Read the story.)

There is no rule against a woman racing with men, but FIS doesn’t allow skiers on a course the week before a race to prevent them from getting an advantage. The women ski the following weekend in Lake Louise, which would appear to be a conflict.

Racing in Lake Louise with the men, then, could cost Vonn two races, because the men ski the weekend of Women’s World Cup in Aspen. Whether the four-time overall champ would want to miss those scoring opportunities is another reason she might not choose to race with the men.

Even Vonn had to admit, in an interview with the Denver Post, that “it’s not looking good.”  (Story) Beyond that, friend and rival Maria Hoefl-Riesch isn’t sure it’s a good idea. See why.

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