Watch videos that illustrate why Swany gloves and mitts are the warmest and dryest around

Our SX Crossover gloves were designed to handle a wide variety of winter outdoor activities. Starting with palms that are durable but still flexible and including a zipper-pocket on the back of the gloves for the use of a heat warmer (or venting if you’re too warm), these high-quality gloves do it all. Watch this video to see why the SX Crossover is perfect for the world’s top athletes and people just like you.

The technology behind our fantastic Flexor gloves was developed by NASA for use in the Apollo and Space Shuttle programs. The result is a glove that offers the most warmth AND dexterity of any glove on the market. Watch this video to see how the Flexor can work for you.

Toaster delivers the best of both worlds: the warmth of a mitt with the dexterity of a glove. Just unzip the mitt and use the glove inside to complete a variety of jobs in warmth, even using your smartphone. Watch this video to see how the Toaster, which uses technology developed for the U.S.  Navy on arctic expeditions, can work for you.

Our exclusive Triplex Insulation Technology offers thicker insulation on the back for more warmth and thinner on the front for better flexibility and heat management. Watch this video to see how the Triplex Insulation System provides the best moisture control and can help generate heat for your hands.

Our Dryfinger Waterproof Breathable Inserts are a big reason why our gloves keep your hands warmer and drier when you are skiing, snowboarding or just enjoying winter. Watch this video to see how Dryfinger Technology makes the difference between a good glove and a great glove.

Here’s where to buy ALL Swany Gloves for men, women and children.

Swany Gloves makes the best gloves and mittens for skiing and snowboarding. We’re also dedicated to bringing you the best of outdoor adventure. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter.


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