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Carve up the road on this board

Can’t wait for the snow to fly, can you?

There’s no need to wait, you can take off right now on The Flowlab Skateboard (a.k.a. Flowboard). Its creators say it is like “surf[ing] without waves and ride[ing] without snow… The arced axles let you carve to 45 degree angles with no resistance and fluid transitions edge-to-edge.”

What are you waiting for? Read more, then check out all the styles and buy one here.

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Iglesias vows (again) to water-ski naked

You might remember our recent post about Enrique Iglesias and his vow to  water-ski naked after a bet about Spain winning the World Cup in soccer. Even though the police say they will arrest him if he does, today Iglesias reiterated his vow to ski in the buff.

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Want to see Enrique Iglesias water ski naked?

Heartthrob Enrique Iglesias publicly promised to water ski naked in Biscayne Bay if Spain won the World Cup. And then they won. But now Miami Police say they won’t tolerate that. Will he or won’t he? Read on.

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