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Get a FREE pair of Swany AIRLOOP rings, the simplest and fastest way to dry gloves

Airloop DisplayWe’ve all been there: your gloves are wet but it’s impossible to get enough air inside them to dry efficiently.

Enter the AIRLOOP, an easy-to-use tool that expands inside gloves and mitts to increase airflow and speed drying.

Here’s how it works (or watch the video):

  • Roll the Airloop inside of itself by guiding the pointed end through the top of the hole. (Like you would a belt). Make sure the Swany logo is facing out.
  • Squeeze the Airloop together until it is small enough to insert into the middle of gloves or mitts.
  • Release Airloop, which will expand inside of gloves, keeping them open and increasing airflow.

Simple, right? Here’s something even simpler: We’ll send you a free set of two AIRLOOP rings if you do one of the following:

  • Tweet at us on Twitter: Send this message to us @SwanyGloves “I want my #AirLoop” Glove Drying Rings!.” Find us on Twitter.
  • Comment on our Facebook post:Use the link at the end of this sentence to find our Airloop status update and then post this comment: I want my #AirLoop” Glove Drying Rings!.” Find our post on Facebook.

We’ll connect with you and arrange to ship you the AIRLOOP. So what are you waiting for? Get your free AIRLOOP glove-drying system NOW!

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